scared-womanAs we go about our daily lives, an irrational fear and type of anxiety disorder could arise due to a reaction, perhaps unique to the individual. This reaction can then be termed a phobia. The sufferer having relentless dread of a living creature, place, thing or even an event. These sufferers will go to great lengths to avoid the outcome and even anticipated reactions will instil fear.
The experience could bring forth accelerated heart beat, flushed skin, dry mouth, sweating, trembling, a sense of panic and other abnormal symptoms.

Professional people believe that phobias may be caused by a combination of life experiences, brain chemistry and genetics, but origins may even have evolved from much earlier times.

Prehistorically, the environment offered wide open spaces, having the increased risk of being attacked by wild animals or even eaten by predators.

Young children living in caves and huts learned rapidly to avoid dangers such as spiders and snakes.
Even having contact with another tribe could have initiated fear and distrust, the outcome possibly resulting in the formation of phobias.

There are thousands of different phobias with appropriate names, too involved to be discussed here. Readers will identify with the term claustrophobia, a fear of crowded places. Also commonly known are fears of the dark, of flying, of needles, creepy-crawly insects, dirt, strangers, dying, of speed and water to mention a few.

But, the question arises as to what is normal and what can be classified as a Phobia. For example getting fearful at the sight of a pitbull is fairly normal, but never crossing a park where dogs are found is fear in an exaggerated form.

Getting goose-flesh whilst peering downward from a skyscraper is not uncommon, but to refuse a good job offer because the office is on the 12th floor is a little paranoid!

Overcoming Phobias
Self-help can be beneficial in conquering fears and being in control has a positive effect. Once the phobia begins to lose it's power, one's confidence will be reinforced.

There is a method of gradually exposing oneself to the source of the fear and eventually learn that it is not as life threatening as imagined.

However, it is not advisable to watch a program like "I should not be alive" if a nervous disposition exists!!

Lastly, the fear of being touched, has no correlation to a person touching objects. The ability to touch and feel some of the Matsimela products or being treated to a massage or therapeutic treatment at one of our listed spas is a must! Treat yourself or someone special today!