Mothers Day

mothers-day-articleOn Sunday, May the 11th, many will have the opportunity to show appreciation to mums!

Even the great politician, Abraham Lincoln said "All I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother".

Come to think of it there are many different kinds of mothers such as single moms, step-moms, adoptive moms, those who struggled, but eventually gave birth due to in-vitro fertilization, foster moms and even mothers-in-law! In fact, a woman who is committed to being a mother, will learn to love any child, whether her own or not.

A mother has many obligations to ensure the healthy development of her child:

NURTURE: This goes deeper than a physical need for food and is important for the soul to flourish.
TRUST: We are not born trusting, trust is learned and is important to see others as a source of goodness.
BELONGING: This is the root of being human, to be free from the devastating experience of isolation.
SOMEONE TO LOVE: So essential to emotional development. Humans have a basic need to love people and to be loved.

Exceptional Mothers ' Past & Present

She was an only child, a mother of two, who became one who was voted as one of the greatest Prime Ministers of India, assassinated by her body guards.

A loving mother who changed the face of royalty with her hands-on, down-to-earth way of mothering.

A single mom of two, who perseveres tirelessly and stands firm to strengthen democracy and good governance despite much opposition.

Mother of two daughters, a hard-core investigative journalist awarded for her work from 1992 to 2010. She exposed all forms of criminal activities and racism.

The thousands of Syrian mothers, now having refugee status, living under extreme conditions and wanting a life, worthwhile for their daughters, encouraging early marriages as a form of protection and security.

Surprises for Mum

Instead of bearing gifts like flowers or chocolates, which are so mundane, other ideas come to light; some of which need a little fore thought.
Try to find old photographs and create an album. Older ones will bring back past memories to enchant mum and reinforce a sense of family.

Mothers are always touched by their children's past efforts and are sentimental in keeping cards with wishes and art work ..
Digging in the archives may unearth these to create a card for mum which will make her day!!

In a clandestine manner, arrange a surprise "bring and share" luncheon by asking family members to arrive with an assortment of tasty treats.
With no one clattering around in the kitchen with an anxious mum peering in, this idea guarantees success!

Mum will be delighted to receive a gift from MatsiMela or a voucher for a spa treatment. This could incorporate a massage, a manicure, pedicure or even a makeover.
But be aware of the latter as it may indicate that she needs it!!

And lastly a heart-felt poem to stir her emotions '


M For all the things she gives
O She will grow old
T The tears she sheds for me
H A heart of gold
E For eyes so full of love
R For blessings from above