Myths and facts about the human body

mythThe ancient Greek and Roman physicians recorded "facts" that to them were wholly credible, but in the times of The Roman Empire, dissection of the human body was forbidden, so one has to forgive them due to limited research. As science progressed these strange writings have been discredited. This could well occur in our times as knowledge increases.

A few of these theories are listed below :

Veins carry blood and arteries carry air
The testicles determine a person's voice
The womb roams around in the body
Death occurs when blood seeps into the lower tissues
Hemorrhoids can be cured by using an onion as a suppository – Ouch !!

Now for some modern facts, some of which are quite enlightening:

The lining of the stomach is renewed every 3-4 days, the reason being that stomach acid has the ability to dissolve metal. This acid would dissolve the lining and ultimately the stomach wall, thus this continual process is essential.
A pair of feet can produce as much as a half a litre of sweat per day.
The snoring of a person lying alongside one sounds quite deafening and registers as about 60 decibals, whereas 80 decibals are recorded when a drill drives through concrete.
Harmless mites live in the roots of one's eyelashes. These follicle "squatters" may cause a little irritation to one with sensitive eyes.
The trouble is, anything that is unseen by the human eye and that moves, is deemed creepy!

Human beings have strong beliefs, which with time gain credence, in the same way that many legends are perpetuated and linger on despite their falsehood.

Some statements below illustrate this '

  • "My stomach has shrunk, so I eat less now" - medically, this is not possible. What is meant is a lack of appetite or conditioning oneself to eating less food.
  • "I feel quite weak because my blood has thinned" - definitely not! However, due to cardiac disease, a specialist can offer blood thinning medication to reduce blood clots.
  • "Cutting nails on a Friday will bring a curse upon that person".
  • [One wonders if other suspicions regarding Fridays are biblical in origin having a connection to the cruxifiction of Jesus]
  • "A person that is termed an Albino has been cursed by the devil" - this condition is merely a lack of pigment and has no association with demons!
  • "I have excess body hair because my ancestors mated with wolves" - this is pure folklore. However there are exceptional cases, these being the "wolf children" which will be discussed later.
  • "I was born with a caul, so I have psychic powers" - quite untrue. A caul is part of the birth membrane that covers a section of a newborn's head. At birth this is removed surgically and has no connection to clairvoyance.

Finally, just as suspicion results from the above beliefs, so do many cosmetics on the shelves make dishonest claims.
Consumers have to be discriminating and question the validity of these products. Some have dubious origins and are destined to not be sustainable.

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