Preparation of the skin prior to applying make-up - Part One

prepThe basic skin routine which has been drummed into women through the years still exists and comprises of the following:
To cleanse, tone and moisturize. These routines will be discussed below.


A huge variety are available but the function of these is to clean the face and neck of grease, dirt, bacteria and importantly make-up which will be discussed in part two.

There are 2 schools of thought, namely the old soap and water method for that squeaky clean feel, or a milder approach using cream or lotion. Although many beauticians throw up their hands in horror at the prospect of using soap on the face, a French Dermatologist was quoted as saying that as long as soap is mild and washed off thoroughly, oily skins and those having acne can actually benefit.
Some cleansers are water soluble and once applied and rinsed off will result in a non- greasy feel.
Large pots of cold cream used for removing heavy makeup in theatrical productions, serve the purpose but are not generally suitable for home use. Exfoliating dead surface cells is also classified as a cleansing method and will result in smooth, glowing skin.

Eye make-up remover

Bearing in mind that the skin of the eyelids is the thinnest and most delicate of the body, these preparations are specially formulated to avoid stretching and damaging this fine textured skin. A good recommendation is to gently pat the product using the finger tips in a circular motion around the area . When wiping off the product the movement should be directed from the outer lower lid towards the nose.
This may sound trivial, but prevents damaging the delicate ligaments of the muscles below the eyes.
It is worth mentioning that some products are approved by Ophthalmic surgeons and are safe for contact lens users.


A general term also applicable to astringents and skin freshners.
These products are intended to freshen the skin after cleansing, As far as skin tightening goes, astringents with their alcohol content are the most effective, Some products may incorporate green tea in place of alcohol for a similar results. Strictly speaking the structure of relaxed pores [commonly called open pores] cannot be altered other than with chemical skin peeling, carried out in post acne conditions.
Readers may like to know of the following natural home formula for open pores '
Drench a face cloth with lemon and pineapple juice. Place the cloth over the face for approximately one minute then rinse off with luke-warm water. The enzymes in the fruit have a constricting effect


A moisturizer is an essential beauty item which has an important role to play, namely, sealing in existing moisture in the upper layer of the skin and preventing loss of moisture to the atmosphere. It also acts as a barrier against bacteria and some harmful substances. Most these days have an SPF factor to block harmful ultra-violet rays and some are perfume free for those with sensitive skins.
Common components of moisturizers are glycerine and urea which are capable of drawing moisture from the atmosphere towards the skin and locking it in.
Climatic conditions also play a role. For example women living in damp, humid climates have fewer signs of dehydrated skins opposed to their counter-parts in hot dry climes.
A typical sign of a dehydrated skin is the appearance of fine vertical lines, not to be confused with wrinkles and a fairly taut appearance.

Seeing to your basic beauty needs should not be a confusing and complicated issue, after all, who in these pressurised times needs that stress?

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