christmas 1Just how hectic the month of December becomes for parents really depends on good planning, taking into consideration that moms and dads are frantically trying to meet deadlines, the school holidays have arrived, with activities of all sorts expected and extra expenses looming.

The last thing moms need is a bunch of bored kids nagging for attention!
And so hopefully this week's article will suggest some activities to deal with some of the demands made by children.

An excellent idea is to explore whether any craft classes are being held in one's area. You will be amazed at the creativity that results and the great bonus is that the house will not be littered with shredded cotton wool, gritty tinsel underfoot, not to mention sticky glue on all surfaces and tantrums when things go wrong!
At the end of the day one will be rewarded with hand-made Christmas cards and a variety of ornaments and gifts all presented proudly and relatively stress free.

Having children in the kitchen at this time of the year can be a nightmare but there is no need to dampen their Christmas spirit by keeping matters simple and by simple is meant unbaked treats to offer as token gifts.

For a start the basic needs include cellophane packets or festive ones available in stationary stores in which to place the chosen items;
Colourful ribbon [green and red are ideal for the season] to tie up the bags
The inner rolls from toilet paper to create "crackers" , filled and wrapped in Christmas paper

As for fillers there are endless products available and the following are just suggestions:
Bulk biscuits, nuts, chocolate éclair lollipops, toasted mallows, popcorn, chocolates and anything that captures the imagination to be divided out into the bags will keep the offspring happy for hours on end.
How touching to see the joy on their faces when they offer gifts of their own creation.

But gifts need not only be edible. Using MATSIMELA products is not only practical but result in unique decorations for the tree!
Fizz balls tied with silver or gold ribbon can be hung on the branches as can small bars of soap wrapped in festive paper and little bags of bath crystals will result in a delightful aroma wafting through the air.

Finally, whether you say Merry Christmas, Joyeux noel, Geseende Kersfees, Feliz Navidad or Ikresimesi Yolonwabo have a wonderful Festive Season !!