How the seasons affect our bodies

seasonsBecause each province in South Africa varies so climatically, one can only generalize when discussing the different times of year. However each season shows changes, especially to skin, hair and nails, worth taking note of.
Our emotions, energy levels and social behaviour will also vary from one person to another regarding which season prevails. Below are some of the changes one can expect:



Winter should not necessarily be gloomy as there are advantages to the cooler shorter days. One certainly has more energy compared with hot, sticky days.
Dry winters lack moisture in the air which has a dehydrating effect. Skin becomes dry and taut, nails peel and split more frequently and the hair lacks lustre. On the other hand wet winters are kinder, due to the air being more humidified, but a nightmare for those with curly hair which tends to frizz!
As skin, hair and nails are hydroscopic, that is they are capable of drawing moisture from the atmosphere, product choice to deal with any negative effects is important.


It is said that Winter is the mother of Spring, certainly a season loved by many, a season of awakening with the sight of blossoms and regrowth.
But some who are allergic are not as enchanted with Spring as others. Pollens that become airborne from trees and plants set off the annual ritual of sneezing and sniffling, the onset of itchy and watery eyes and so on. But on a positive note this is a time to enhance the face with attractive make-up and be daring by using nail enamel having exotic colours.
This is also a perfect time of the year to exfoliate dry, dead skin cells that have accumulated during winter


Oh, those long, warm, glorious days! Extended time spent at the beach or alongside the swimming pool, more outdoor entertaining and other activities. But dry Summers can be harsh. Hair needs good nourishing and the chlorine in pools can have devastating affects. Skin needs more pampering to moisturize the tissues as do nails and U.V. blocking creams are absolutely essential. It is common knowledge that excessive exposure to sun accelerates the aging process. Who after all wishes to look like a crocodile handbag due to lack of protection!!
Humid summers with moisture in the air are a blessing for skin and nails, but no joy when wavy hair turns "afro" The curling iron can do the trick , but with adverse results if straitening is overdone.


A season that can leave one feeling " in limbo" as Summer fades and the days become shorter and the night air becomes fresher.
This is great time to go on long pleasant and exhilarating walks to re-energize the body after the languid days of summer. An excellent time to stock up on nourishing products with Winter approaching. As with Winter, Autumn brings the pleasure of long, warm soaks in the tub, ensuring a sense of peace and relaxation.

It is interesting that our terminology can relate to sensations significant with the seasons. To mention just a few we speak of:
As cool as a cucumber, as hot as Hades , a lukewarm response and a cold hearted character, a wet blanket and a dry sense of humour !!

How fortunate then, that MATSIMELA has a product for all seasons, from wintery warm Rooibos and honey, to nourishing body butters, the cool of lime and the warmth of ginger and the aloe skin care range with which to pamper one's body from head to toe!