Obesity and your health

Obesity is a medical condition whereby excess fat has a detrimental effect on one's health and could be a pre-cursor to the likes of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, formation of varicose veins, stress on the digestive tract and impaired mobility as body size controls what physical activities one is capable of performing.

An unattractive physical appearance can affect one's mental health and overweight people can very easily be marginalized in a world where perfection is overstressed and be side-lined regarding employment opportunities. It is therefore quite bewildering that the "fatties" continue to consume the greasiest food, throwing caution to the wind.

Due to the relentless power of the fast Food Industry, many countries have at last begun to introduce legislation, hampering the sale of foods with high concentrations of fat. It is indeed a sad situation when people no longer seem to take responsibility for themselves.

Essentially, the intake of food should be kept at a minimum necessary for the basic physiological functions and one's daily intake of kilojoules should not exceed expenditure.
In other words, any unused kilojoules not utilized as energy will be stored by the body, and over time will accumulate and result in obesity.
Women do in fact have more body fat than men due to physical differences such as hormones, breasts and the female sex organs.
Higher levels of fat are needed for ovulation but these factors should not justify over-indulgence.

One continually hears the phrase "all things in moderation" and this certainly applies to adhering to a balanced eating plan.
Basically the best form of energy is supplied by carbohydrates and if the body is deprived of these it will burn fat and protein to accommodate one's energy needs.
Unfortunately loss of the bodies lean muscle tissue will also result.
High protein diets have produced good results with weight loss but are proven to be dangerous as the kidneys become over-burdened during the metabolic process.

Nothing unites women and stimulates conversation like new diets and slimming products becoming available. These may have good results, but more often the vast amounts of money put into circulation, create more millionaires than a bevy of sylph like figures.

Finally, some myths debunked by prominent scientists

Eating fruit and vegetables will result in a slimmer body – not so... although healthy for one ~ proteins must never be excluded.

Drinking ample water will result in weight loss – water will keep one hydrated and help to snack less but thirst is often mistaken for hunger.

Having sex will contribute to weight loss – despite this popular belief, sex does not burn a significant number of calories!

One has to be mentally focused in order to lose weight – actually there is no connection between food, mood and energy.

And now for that famous one - "lemon juice dissolves fat" ~ this is totally disproven but lemon may just break down fat faster and has the same effect as acid in the stomach.

Psychiatric drugs cause weight gain – some may stimulate the appetite and a change in metabolism but with millions of people, including children using or being administered drugs to get through their day, obesity more likely results from over eating.

Massage will "break down" fat cells – some claim that it is possible to break the fat capsules between skin and the muscular layer. There is lack of scientific evidence as massage will not activate the release of hormones to act on fat cells

It is a well-known fact that the emotion stress causes many to head for that miraculous comforter called food, whereas relaxing massage will alter one's mind set and eliminate the after guilt of over indulgence.

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