trendsThe place London... the period the 1960's...the place to be seen, CARNABY STREET with its rows of shops stocking the most extraordinary clothes.

This was a time when fashion, hairstyles, make-up and music were evolving like never before.
The post-war era during the 1950's was dreary and quite depressing in many ways as individuals and communities were recovering physically, mentally and economically from the destruction of war.

The opportunity for new and stimulating ideas was there, waiting for innovative individuals to "make it all happen".
Enter the following relatively unknown individuals who became famous overnight due to inspiration resulting in change.

VIDAL SASSOON was a British born hairdresser who became famous for his no-nonsense approach to styling and cutting hair in blunt and simple, sometimes asymmetrical methods. His vision for the future resulted in a shifting away from the stiff roller set styling of the past. His success lead to the opening of Sassoon salons worldwide and his celebratory clients included Twiggy, Mary Quant, Mia Farrow and many others. As a philanthropist he supported the arts and music and was involved in the post Katrina hurricane efforts.

TWIGGY so called for her stick-like thin body and rather underfed gaunt look with prominent eyes and pale lips. She was the first "super- model". Yet she had the face of an angel and by the age of 17 years she became the most famous face on the planet. She stood out for sporting a previously unknown boyish haircut and ultra-short skirts, then and now, labelled "the Mini". Twiggy also popularised the wearing of Bermuda shorts with knee high socks, a new image for women.

She certainly epitomised that era and was synonymous with the swinging sixties. Lately she appears on TV channels and though in her sixties she retains her classical beauty, has her own clothing range and has recently launched a bed linen range too. Twiggy is an ardent supporter of animal welfare and gives her support to anti-fur campaigns.

MARY QUANT was a fashion designer who overcame challenges of a difference, to launch some of the trendiest outfits of the day. Certainly not amusing at the time, the paper she was using on which to draft her patterns had an aroma of fishmeal about it. Arriving in her studio one morning she was devastated to find that her cats has chewed up all her hard work! Mary was an astute person and she learned unique make-up techniques from the models with whom she worked. This encouraged her to develop her own range in order that the average person could learn some of the tricks of the trade. Her makeup included highlighters and shaders to sculpture the face plus eye, lip and nail items which were merchandised from stands to be placed on the countertops of cosmetic counters.
This new user-friendly approach meant that one no longer had to deal with the rather haughty and unapproachable consultants who could be most intimidating with their rather forceful sales approach !

The enticing aromas of a MATSIMELA outlet will draw one in and the friendly, yet professional assistants will enhance the relaxed way in which a customer can experience the products. Whether one selects to scoop up one's own choice of product or to make use of the testers available our mission is to enhance customer satisfaction.