The History and evolution of Lanolin

lanolinA thousand years ago it was discovered that the wool of the sheep had a substance beneficial to the skin. Even in those early times shepherds and those who sheared sheep, had soft, well-conditioned hands. This was due to a fatty substance beneath the wool, which lubricated the wool and prevented these thick coats from becoming entangled. Much later this wool fat was called LANOLIN. If you have ever wondered why sheep can stay out in cold and wet conditions, it is because this natural wax acts as a water proof agent and the fleece gives incredible warmth from harsh weather conditions.


 In order to obtain this, it had to be scraped off the rear of the fleece [sheared wool]
Initially the harvested fat was a greasy, dark paste...

The method employed was to first wash the fleece in hot detergent solutions to get rid of impurities like sand and grit, before scraping off the wool fat and processing it.


It is an excellent lubricant, has water binding properties, prevents loss of moisture from the skin and is absorbed by the stratum corneum [outer layer of the epidermis] and blends well with other ingredients to form emulsions. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, organic and fully bio-degradable


LANOLIN is a key ingredient in some of the world's most popular toiletries and pharmaceuticals and is even used in Industry. It is highly refined as an ingredient in cosmetics, is used as a stiffening agent in lipsticks, often combined with collagen in the manufacture of over-night creams, is an additive in men's after shave balms, lip balms, nail and cuticle softeners, foot and heel creams and baby products, to mention only a few.


Publications by the British journal of dermatology state that LANOLIN remains at a low constant rate regarding bad reactions and that users who react adversely, probably have allergic reactions to many other ingredients too.
However, acne sufferers might avoid Lanolin based and other greasy products till the skin has cleared as these could encourage blackhead formation.


Animal awareness exists and no animal is harmed during the extraction process, neither are animal testing methods used, avoiding any forms of animal cruelty.

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