Acne in youth and maturity

Dealing with Acne

ACNE [clinically called ACNE VULGARIS] most certainly is vulgar in appearance, being a chronic disease of the sebaceous glands, which unfortunately erupts on most visible areas of the body, like the face, neck, chest and back.

Although not life-threatening it can have devastating effects on the sufferer's morale and self-confidence. ACNE commences more so during the teenage years, when emotions can be fragile and one's social life is compromised.

ACNE can vary from simple blackheads to pustules which come to a head, but generally do not leave bad scars to more extreme lesions, with cysts lying in the deeper tissues, do not come to a head and leave ugly scars and a pitted appearance.

Generally speaking, ACNE follows a definite course, being worse at puberty when hormones become unbalanced and during the menstrual cycle. It is the male androgen hormone [present in both sexes] which plays a pivotal role, more so with boys, having higher levels.


ACNE cannot be "washed away", though medicated washes and soaps will assist to control surface oil and bacterial invasion.

Squeezing pustules is very tempting to see how much "goo" will be expelled, but spreading of pus can only lead to more infection. This should be carried out under sterile conditions only.

Regarding diet, there is no proof that foods cause ACNE, chocolate consistently labelled as the culprit, with no justification! However, the intake of dairy products should be limited, due to their hormonal content.


Many are of the opinion that left alone, ACNE will clear up. Indeed it could, but leaving behind nasty scars and a pitted skin.
For women/girls the intake of a mild contraceptive pill will assist to balance the hormones.
Cortisone creams can help to shrink the oil glands somewhat.
Products containing benzoil peroxide give excellent results as a "scouring out" of the follicles occurs.
In severe cases with cysts, Vitamin A preparations on prescription are effective but result in intense dryness of the skin.
Post ACNE scarring can be reduced via laser treatment, surgical procedures and with chemical peels to remove the outer, damaged layer.


Escaping ACNE'S wrath in the adolescent years offers no guarantee that it will not appear later on. Causes are thought to be stress - due to changes in life-style, various medications which could upset the hormone balance or neglect with hygiene.Aloe-Soap
Due to mature skin becoming thinner and dryer, a doctor or dermatologist should be consulted to obtain correct treatment.

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