Herbal Teas and their Benefits

Your health is your wealthherbal-brew

There are a vast number of herbal teas available; however, all are used for a variety of health complaints or to sustain wellness.

These herbal teas are brewed like normal tea, but are in fact not tea at all, being infusions called tisanes, made from botanical elements like leaves, bark, seeds, flowers and so on. They are pleasurable to drink and contain no caffeine.

These infusions are designed to bring a sense of equilibrium back into the body, which has been disturbed for various reasons.

On the other hand, fruit favoured teas like rosehip, apple and orange are developed more for their flavours than anything else.

To ensure purity one should avoid teas with synthetic additives. Because herbal teas are organic, "let mother earth heal you".

Overall, herbal teas can be soothing, invigorating, cleansing and healing.

Across the vast spectrum of well-known herbal teas, this week's article will focus on some of the lesser publicized ones, but by no means minimizes the good effects of others.

Emphasis is being placed on ROOIBOS as it is really "Proudly South African" also termed "mother's miracle" as it is helpful to babies with colic.
ROOIBOS is packed with powerful alkaline minerals, like calcium and zinc.
It is excellent for hyper-tension, counters kidney stones and can relieve symptoms of allergies. ROOIBOS has such an array of benefits, that it can even be used to rinse your dog if the animal is itching due to fleas!
In fact, a museum in honour of ROOIBOS was opened in Malaysia in 2000, named after Dr Nortier, who introduced the potential of ROOIBOS to the world.

DEVIL'S CLAW is native to Africa, the root being sliced for its medicinal properties. With the vast number of arthritis sufferers this herb can decrease the pain of this disease, lessen lower back and knee pain and assist gall bladder problems.

ECHINACEA is a plant believed to stimulate the body's immune system, fight colds and ' flu and breaks up mucous in the upper respiratory tract. It can also be used as a laxative and as a mouth wash for infection.

PEPPERMINT with its high menthol content is successful in eliminating nausea, due to the stimulation of bile, which breaks down fat in the digestive tract. PEPPERMINT is excellent in the relief of abdominal pains. It is also know to induce sleep if taken at bedtime.

ELDER FLOWER this white flower acts as a de-congestant, thus clearing the nasal passages of mucous, prevalent during colds. ELDER FLOWER also induces the body to sweat, deterring viruses which are unable to breed in a raised body temperature.

ST JOHN'S WORT is an extraction of a yellow flower acting as a mild anti-depressant, by raising chemical levels in the brain.

FENNEL is another medicinal herb which acts as a good purifier. Being a diuretic, it creates the urge to urinate.

CAMMOMILE is the principal inclusion in many "sleepy-time" tea blends, as it contains Tryptophan, an amino acid with tranquillizing effects.

NETTLE this British herb has rich mineral content and is a good source of iron, calcium and silica. An infusion of NETTLE can act as a "pick-me-up" if one is feeling run down.