The keys to successful ageing include the acceptance of staying positive and attentive to meaningful activities.Ageing-tipsheet-couple

Being wise and mellow and reaching a point where the important things in life matter is a great achievement. The media's near addictive obsession with youth tends to

marginalize other age groups, so it is encouraging that an article appearing recently in the New York Times stated "Older women are the new face of beauty"

The emotional landmines of maturing can be avoided with healthy choices, like caring for one's body by way of good nutrition and suitable exercise.
As for food, the old rules apply, fresh and relatively fat-free, so that the invasion of free radicals is limited, which otherwise lead to cell damage


What actually causes the organism to age?
Some think that a biological time-line exists that one's body's follows, or genetic factors.

More obvious causes are exposure to the UV rays of the sun, stress, illness, smoking, drastic dieting and that unavoidable phenomenon, gravity, that holds us onto the earth!

Physiologically we age due to loss of collagen and elastin, thinning of skin, loss of fatty tissue which plumps up the skin, less sebum for lubrication, hormonal changes and the deepening of our natural expression lines.

But all is not lost; so what solutions are offered?
Some of the world's famous beauties are avoiding surgery and selecting what medical aesthetics are offering, namely less drastic procedures like dermal fillers, smoothing injections, skin peeling and laser treatments to mention just a few...

Due to the advancement in the manufacturing sector, more sophisticated cosmetic products are offered to suit all budgets. Some few ingredients incorporated are retinol [VIT A] evening Primrose oil, avo and grape seed oils and almond oil which mimics the skin's own sebum.

But the 5 golden rules remain constant i.e. cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize and nourish.

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