Rooiboos and honey

COMPETITION: Win one of five MatsiMela Home Spa Rooibos and Honey Range (Liquid Hand Soap and Hand Cream Combo)

The Hand Cream accompanying the Liquid Hand Soap is fantastic! It instantly provides nourishment to the skin, from just applying a small amount. Keep your hands healthy and revitalized this winter. The liquid hand soap is exactly what you need, to never be embarrassed by dry skin again! The anti-oxidants found in the Rooibos and Honey Range.


Simply answer this question: What is the key ingredient found in the Rooibos and Honey Range?


Hint: The answer is hidden in two of the recent product reviews we shared!


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Product Review by Professional Beauty South Africa

Rooiboos and honey


PRODUCT REVIEW: MatsiMela Home Spa Rooibos & Honey Range/Combo Set


Liquid hand - has excellent foaming capabilities. Over and above the fragrance lingers considerably, not conflicting with perfume. The product will leave the skin feeling soft and silky. 

Hand Cream - rich & moisturizing, the hand cream will do the job for tired, dry flaky skin. The intensive hand & nail repair contains an active called Promois WK-H, proven to assist in the strengthening of nails & assist with general skin repair.


The Liquid hand soap and hand cream combo contains Rooibos tea - a naturally organic indigenous tea, full of anti-oxidants, which can assist in slowing the aging process. Rooibos tea contains the minerals copper, iron, potassium & alpha-hydroxy – an excellent component for the maintenance of healthy skin. With Rosemary oil, which has a pronounced action on the brain and the central nervous system and is wonderful for clearing the mind and mental awareness, while having excellent brain stimulant properties, as well as improving memory.


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