Loyalty Point System

Loyalty Points is a Referral User Points System that can distribute or assign points to registered users according to some of its actions and activity on the Matsimela website. Loyalty Points acts as an incentive promoting participation of users.

Loyalty Points has its own invite/recommendation for refer which can also be used by non-registered users.

Set and enable other rules according to your needs. The descriptions of the rules will give you information on their roles and conditions for awarding points.

  1. Rule New user: Assigned or not points for each new user registered on the site.
  2. Rule Invite: Assigned or not points when a user to ask someone else to register on the site (send email).
  3. Rule Invite with success: Assigned or not points to the refferal user when a user registers on the site following an invitation.
  4. Rule Referral points: Referral users earn bonus points as a percentage on all points earned by their referrees.
  5. Rule Spend more than R100 per time (card indicates 10 times) and off your 10th purchase get 20% off a purchase up to the value of R500.00. This we should make very clear so that there’s no confusion or come back (Please). Can we not use both concurrently?
  6. Rule Coupon points codes: Allows users to enter a code in the module appropriate to get extra points. You must install the module 
  7. Rule Raffle: This rule allows to enable a raffle system.
  8. Rule Custom: Assigns or remove custom points to a specific user and set a reason (Backend -> menu Users -> Details -> Toolbar -> Button Custom points)